Iowa Greyhound Park Track Profile

By Jason Michael

Iowa Greyhound Park

1899 Greyhound Park Drive

Dubuque, Iowa 52001

(563) 231-3100

Live racing from May until November!

Greyhound racing in the heart of America.  The Iowa Greyhound Park has been entertaining fans and running many of the fastest dogs in the country for over three decades.

Located on the Mighty Mississippi in beautiful Dubuque, Iowa!

Here’s our track profile for one of our favorite greyhound tracks around:

Date Opened

Iowa Greyhound Park opened up on June 1st, 1985.  Iowa was the first parimutal racetrack in the country that was non-profit and was opened to the delight of thousands of fans in attendance who couldn’t wait to see the hounds running in the Hawkeye State for the very first time.

Track Records

3/16ths -Super Sprint (Three Way Tie)  

17.39 secs

Superior MegRyan ~Superior Kennel – Year 1990

Rf Nix ~ Superior Kennel -Year 2017

Rf Furious  ~ Superior Kennel -Year 2017

5/16ths (Sprint Course) ~ 29.83 secs

Smiley Sylvia  ~ Oxbow-Trow Kennel -Year 2000

3/8ths (Distance Course) ~ 37.77 secs

Okie Bootsy ~ Dog Patch Kennel – Year 2000

7/16ths (Marathon Course) ~ 42.78 secs

Pk’s Maddox  ~ Black Kennel  – Year 2004

9/16ths  (Super Marathon Course) ~58.83 secs

Jimbo Rosey ~ Dog Patch Kennel – Year 1996

Stakes Schedule

$500 IGP Inaugural – May

$500 Maiden Debut – May

$500 Memorial Sprint – May

$30,000 King & Queen Stakes – July 4th

$30,000 Dubuque Course Classic – September

$30,000 Future Star Stakes – September

Iowa Breeders Cup – October

$7500 Iowa Bred Consolation – October

$500 Secretarys Choice – November

Starting in 2018, this race also carries an automatic birth to the National Championship race to the winner. The National Championship is held in Naples, Florida in January.

$500 IGP Au Revoir -November

This is the last race of the season annually.

Most Wins In A Row

Noble Bahama ~ Hotchkin Kennel 

13 Wins In A Row in 1991

Most Greyhound Wins In A Season (25 Wins)

Superior Product ~ Superior Kennel ~Year 2013

Hart Burn  ~ Copper Kettle Kennel ~ Year 1999

Kennel – Most Wins In A Season

River Bluffs Kennel ~ 328 Victories ~ Year 1991

Attendance Records

Top Performance – July 30th, 1985 – 6,539

Top Day (Matinee & Evening) – September 1st, 1985 – 9,956

Mutual Handle Records

Top Performance – November 2nd, 1986 – $752,697

Top Day – September 3rd, 1989 – Total $948,031

Perfect Adoption Rate

For the last 20 plus years, The Iowa Greyhound Park has adopted out 100% of its greyhounds. This goes right along nationally with the high rate these retired athletes are going for after their careers are finished.

The facility supports its own adoption center and is open during live race days.  Phone number is 563-231-3100 X 103 for more details.

More information can be found on Iowa’s statistics page:

*Photo credits to The Iowa Greyhound Park, Steve Schiferl, Gary Dura, Allies for Greyhounds.

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