Southland Park Track Profile

Southland Park Gaming & Racing

1550 North Ingram Boulevard

West Memphis, AR 72301


Year Round Racing

Southland.  Home of the fastest greyhounds on the planet, running for the biggest daily purses in the United States.  Owners dream to run here and greyhounds that win championships are talked about for generations. Over 4000 greyhound races take place at the park each year.

Opened in 1956, Southland Park has been entertaining patrons from the Natural State for over six decades!  This is the highest paying track for owners in the country, with point values doubling and many times tripling the next nearest national greyhound venue. Southland also sports the richest greyhound race in the states with the $200,000 Great American Futurity Final contested in April.


Southland began as a canine racing track in 1956 and became Arkansas’s only greyhound track.  The area around the park has certainly built up since this photo of the mostly rural property back in the 60’s.

Racing Schedule

Monday, Wednesday-Friday Twlights Post Time 5:00 PM CST

Saturday Matinees Post Time 2:00 PM CST

Friday & Saturday Night Cards Post Time 7:30 PM CST


Super Sprint – 334 Yard Crittendin Course

Sprint – 583 Yard Arkansas Course

Middle Distance – 660 Yard Razorback Course

Marathon – 703 Yard River Course

Super Marathon – 820 Yard Delta Course

Image result for FlupasCrackerbox greyhound

All Time Wins Leader

FlupasCrackerbox ~ 94 career victories

All Time Longest Winning Streak

Bella Infrared  ~ 19 Consecutive Victories (March 2012-July 2012)

Track Records

Super Sprint – 334 Yard Crittendin Course 

RF Nix ~ 17.36 secs (2018)

Sprint – 583 Yard Arkansas Course

Konomi  ~ 31.03 secs (2018)

Middle Distance – 660 Yard Razorback Course

Last Outlaw ~ 36.14 secs (2012)

Marathon – 703 Yard River Course

Gs Taylor  ~ 39.11 secs (2015)

Super Marathon – 820 Yards

Dnt Oh Maggie ~ 46.06 secs (2017)

Festival of Stakes

Every October comes one magical day that every greyhound enthusiast is tuning in to see the action.  The $1.5 million Festival of Stakes is an event like no other, giving out record amounts of money over nine different tournament finals. Many have called this festival the Breeders Cup of greyhound racing with its different championships and high quality athletes competing.

Crowd favorite races include the $100,000 Arkansas Bred Sprint Final that matches up the fastest dogs from the Natural State.

Other Stakes

$25,000 Delta Course Derby – January

$25,000 River Course Classic – February

$34,000 Hound Madness Tourney – March

$200,000 The Great America Greyhound Futurity – April

$100,000 Razorback Classic – May

$100,000 Southland Derby – June

$10,000 Chris Chance Memorial – July

$10,000 Kings Vs Queens Challenger – October

$25,000 Super Sprint Firecracker – December

Closers Paradise

With its deep demensions and elite competition at all levels, it takes a powerful greyhound to be successful at this track.  Southland has produced many of the greatest closing efforts of all time.

Example here of Red Handed making miracles on the Super Marathon Course:


The 9 Box

The only place in the country you can see nine greyhounds duke it out.  The purple  with white lettering outfitted blankets are a rare site, as these lineups only happen in a handful of races on a card.

UGR National Champion Oaks Maddy

The National Championship that is put together by our partners at United Greyhound Racing has fielded three past winners.  The latest back in 2017 was won by Oaks Maddy, who called Southland home for the second half of her career after starting at Palm Beach.  Maddy won the the championship at the Daytona550 in a swift 29.98 secs that was just 0.01 secs off the course record time!

Greyhound Wall of Champions

Southland sports an impressive tradition of excellence and tradition that is memorialized in the Wall of Champions display.  The trophies that are handed out on the final of a tournament are shown, along with the past winners of each tournament.

Replicas are made of the trophies and are given to winning owners after the final has concluded.


Class  Distance      Par Time 
AA         334 yds         17.83  secs
A            334  yds        17.93  secs
B             334  yds       18.01  secs
C             334   yds      18.05 secs
D             334   yds      18.13 secs
M            334   yds      18.34 secs

AA          583  yds       31.95 secs
A             583  yds       32.07 secs
B             583  yds       32.16 secs
C             583  yds       32.24 secs
D             583  yds       32.27 secs
M            583  yds       32.34 secs

AA         660 yds         36.95 secs
A            660 yds         37.09 secs
B            660 yds         37.20 secs
C           660  yds         37.29 secs
D           660   yds        37.39 secs
M          660   yds        37.92 secs

AA       703 yds          39.85 secs
A          703 yds           40.11 secs
B          703 yds           40.20 secs
C          703  yds          40.20 secs
D          703  yds          40.24 secs

AA       820 yds          47.00 secs
A          820 yds          47.29 secs
B          820 yds          47.18 secs
C          820 yds          47.34 secs
D          820 yds          47.52 secs








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